Customer Testimonials

Amy, London - 5th October 2018
I would highly recommend Bhav for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. From first contact she was friendly and supportive and provided audio files to get used to her technique.
I was a heavy smoker and sceptical about giving up as it had become so ingrained in my lifestyle. Bhav was supportive and encouraging the whole way through and described the end to end process extremely well. Her manner is very relaxing and calming and she is also very knowledgeable.

The actual experience really worked and I am now smoke free 2 months 3 days. I honestly thought that I would experience lots of intense cravings and cave in eventually (particularly around alcohol and socialising)- which is what would usually happen after attempting to quit. However Bhav's session has completely changed my mindset and willpower and now I do not even think about it.

During my smoke free period so far, I've been through some personal family issues - which in the past would have driven me back to cigarettes- but I have not even been tempted. Thank you Bhav for helping me live a healthier smoke free life!

H.B London - 17th September 2018

I had been a smoker for 32 years and was quite sceptical to have have hypnotherapy. But I did it with an open mind and Bhav made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The therapy lasted 2.5 hours and amazingly worked! I can truly say this is something I have been amazed and blessed to have experienced. I highly recommend doing the therapy if you are determined to give up.